My first name is Hannah, my middle name is Grace, someone at some point always calls me Grace, it's fine, it's okay. I'm too far into this whole business thing to change the name now.

storyteller behind the lens

northeast ohio wedding + family photographer

I feel like I eat, sleep & breathe photography. I am constantly finding inspiration in everyday life, especially through my two boys. I am 100% convinced I was meant to be a boy mom, I enjoy every minute (even the ugly parts) of this mom thing. I am told I have the patience of a saint on so many occasions & really you can just thank them. My cleaning play-list is a mix between Meredith Brooks radio on Pandora and/or Hootie & The Blowfish. My driving play-list consists of Early 2000's R&B hits or Country.
I am guilty of binge-watching entire seasons of shows in one sitting. I live for summertime, golden sunsets and warm air but have no shame in forever living in hoodies & sweats in the winter. If I could take a picture of my mind, I imagine it to be an eclectic mess of amazingness, probably a conglomeration of every single Pinterest board I've ever created. 

So you wanna know a little bit more about me?

i am a completely SELF-TAUGHT photographer.

i was a teen mom.


i don't drink alcohol.

i am secretly an introvert.

fun facts

studio sessions 2023

- cassy s

"I feel so comfortable with her, like someone I have been friends with forever."

Good vibes only.